Indigenous to Now is the blog of New Grass Gardens, an urban farming venture in Raleigh, North Carolina. New Grass started with a few small raised beds, two people, and a bag of donated seeds. New Grass Gardens is the only urban farming venture in Raleigh. We are young farmers cultivating underutilized spaces in and around the city. We grow produce biointensively, capitalizing on the discardedand overlooked resources of the city. In addition to crop production, we endeavor to introduce agrarian ideals into the urban mindset. Through cooperative resource redistribution, community education, and dedication to stewardship, New Grass Gardens hopes to illuminate systemic problems in our food system,and to offer an alternative. Grow where you are.


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  • Elizabeth Brunner

    I saw a reference on the Bickett Market blog that your family business is “installing produce gardens in residential properties.” I live in Apex NC with a 7/10th of an acre lot. I’m fairly successful with perennial flowers and eager to grow vegetables & herbs. My yard says lots of mature shade trees. I need help choosing the best spot for sun, creating raised beds, maybe adding a very simple irrigation system, and probably some attractive fencing as protection from wild rabbits. Any interest? I can be reached at or at 919-363.5222.

  • Beckwith Cooper

    My daughter is going into high school next year and is interested in volunteering in the gardens in any way that would be helpful. I would like to help as well whenever I am not driving her sisters all over creation. Are you interested in two willing volunteers? We currently live 2 blocks from NOFO and are moving to north Raleigh in a month or so.

    thanks, Beckwith

    • newgrassgardens


      Thanks for checking out the blog! Yes, I’d be very open to volunteers. Education is a big part of why we are doing what we are doing. The garden that most readily lends itself to volunteers / teaching is located on Lake Wheeler Rd., very close to the big Farmer’s Market. While I can be open to flexibility, everyone tends to benefit from regular schedules in this case. Let me know what you’re thinking with regard to time frame, frequency, etc., and we can go from there. I look forward to meeting and working with you and your daughter.

      Oh, and I can be reached more directly at and / or at 919-522-4863

      – Matthew

  • jamiebort

    Are your gardens open to visitors? If so where are they located and when are we welcome? – Jamie

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