What a Week

Well, last week was perhaps the most unlucky week of my life, to this point. As it happens, I seem to have remained in relatively high spirits, and there is much to celebrate in spite of the misfortune. The week started with my tools getting stolen from my house. I was helping put on a fundraiser event for Student Action with Farmworkers out at the farm. My brother (with whom I live) was out of town, and Spencer (dog) was with me. So no cars, no dogs, and no people at home. Perfect opportunity. The jacklegs made off with my saws and drills, sanders, etc. Pretty much all of my power tools. But they didn’t take my bikes, nor did they enter the house. The neighbors called the cops, but the description (black male, 6 feet tall, age 25-35, dressed in jeans and a t-shirt) would have fit about 75% of my neighborhood.

The following day I was clearing some saplings at my dad’s house when my hatchet wound up in my shin… I got caught on some briers and my swing was shortened enough to land in my leg. I made it up to the house before getting woozy. I didn’t do any major damage, but blood was spewing in an awesome way. I spent a few hours in the hospital getting stitched up, but all is well. After about a week I’m walking well, and resisting the urge to take the stitches out.

Finally, Saturday night’s storms seemed to concentrate right in my neighborhood. A tornado ripped through my street, dropping 100+ year old oaks on houses and snapping pine trees left and right. I’ve never witnessed such devastation before. Power was out until yesterday, and dozens of people are totally SOL. The situation is particularly unfortunate given the demography of my neighborhood. Many of the residents are older, working class folks who’ve lived here for decades, and who had no intention to move. By chance, our house was missed. We lost a few things here and there, but nothing worthy of mention considering the surrounding damage. The garden faired similarly well. Massive branches fell all around, but the crops remained unscathed. A few trays of starts were destroyed, but nothing particularly noteworthy or valuable was lost. At the very least I was heartened by the spontaneously emergent cooperation amongst neighbors to help out. Several blocks around my house were completely impassible. By morning, I could drive out of the neighborhood in a roundabout way. There wasn’t a single standing power line that I saw in about five square blocks. I still get a little choked up driving in and out of the neighborhood, but I truly can’t complain. We were without power until yesterday, and the internet still has not come back on. Daily life seems to have returned to normal for those of us whose roofs survived. I’m humbled by t


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