Letter 3/29

Hey folks. Market season is upon us. NGG won’t be at a Saturday Farmer’s Markets this year. Rather than getting up at 4 AM every Saturday to watch our produce melt in the heat, we’ve partnered with NOFO to create a permanent indoor market for sustainable food producers in the area. We’ll be open 7 days a week, selling our own produce, as well as produce sourced from select local, sustainable growers. Check out the blog for details. We’ll need your help to maintain this outlet for farmers –  a critical step towards a sustainable food system in Raleigh.

Additionally, we have a few spots left for the Mushroom Workshop this Saturday.
Farm Basket numbers are still low. I’m somewhat relieved after talking to a bunch of local farmers who’ve experienced similar responses to their CSA programs. We still have spaces, and we’ve labored to create maximum convenience, customization, and affordability. Consider signing up! And, if not, let us know what we can do to make our program more attractive to you.

In the absence of time for writing, political involvement, and general community action, I’ve taken great comfort in the nature of my work. Protest manifests itself in many forms and, despite the unfortunate implications of its truth, I think self-sufficiency is perhaps the most fundamental form of resistance. – Matthew


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