Farm Basket 2.0: Join Now!

Hey folks, after wrestling with fancy computer programs for a week, the Farm Basket flyer is finished.

You can view it here: FB Flyer, and you can view the order form here: FB Order Form.

Sorry if you’ve emailed with questions about the Farm Basket in the last week. I haven’t forgotten, but I wanted to get out the final information as I assume most questions will be answered. Above you will find links to the flyer and order form, please see both documents for details. Act fast, spaces are limited. I’m going to give this core email list a few days before blasting broader listserves. Make sure not to miss the following information:
Market Style vs. Traditional Style: I anticipate lots of questions about this distinction. Hopefully this clears things up:
Option #1: Market Style
You choose your own veggies to fill a box each week and the cashier at NOFO will apply the debit to your account. Some week’s boxes will contain a given item. For example, if we have an overabundance of spinach, we will “choose” a bag of spinach for you.  This option allows you to be able to choose what produce you would like each week, as well as the pace at which you spend your credit. The Catch: You don’t lose out on your share if, say, you go to the beach for a weekend. And if you’re having a party and need to buy way more than the average $25 per week, you can do that. But any remaining credit at the end of the program will not be refunded.  

Option #2:  Traditional Farm Basket
This option allows us to hand select the freshest produce to fill a box for you each week, which will be ready for delivery or pick up at the market at NOFO. We fill the boxes with a wide variety of veggies and herbs, depending on what is in season.

Duration: First week in April – week of July July 18
Location: NOFO – 2014 Fairview Rd. at Five Points
Payment: Checks to Matthew Cronheim, sent to 2310 Sheffield Rd. Raleigh NC 27610. Please include a filled out order form with payment
Deadline: April 1
Hesitations: If you would like to join the Farm Basket but have financial constraints (or any other concerns), feel free to inquire about work-trades and/or payment schedules. NGG is extremely open to accommodating such limitations.
If you have checked the flyer and order form (links at beginning of post), please feel free to respond with additional questions.

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