Picture Dump: Old Barn Finds

While mostly unrelated to agriculture, these finds connect my imagination to a different place entirely. I think the same curiosity that has found me immersed in the “old ways” of agriculture piques my excitement at the likes of old broken pianos. Speaking of which, literally hours of demolition, headscratching, demolition, ad nauseum, yielded a beautiful soundboard, clad with manufacture dates of various components of the monstrous piano. The various bikes and old vans reside on a property littered with old barns, sheds, trailers, vehicles, etc. The trip mostly resulted in photos, but some great old lumber remains, awaiting my return with some helping hands. Ironically, or maybe not, most of these old barns are engulfed by suburbia and strip malls. I’ve been noticing these stark juxtapositions pretty frequently – I’ll try to take more pictures…


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