Monthly Archives: January 2011

Tiny Greenhouse in Action!

The micro-greenhouse is up and hopefully staying warm!


Picture Dump: Old Barn Finds

While mostly unrelated to agriculture, these finds connect my imagination to a different place entirely. I think the same curiosity that has found me immersed in the “old ways” of agriculture piques my excitement at the likes of old broken pianos. Speaking of which, literally hours of demolition, headscratching, demolition, ad nauseum, yielded a beautiful soundboard, clad with manufacture dates of various components of the monstrous piano. The various bikes and old vans reside on a property littered with old barns, sheds, trailers, vehicles, etc. The trip mostly resulted in photos, but some great old lumber remains, awaiting my return with some helping hands. Ironically, or maybe not, most of these old barns are engulfed by suburbia and strip malls. I’ve been noticing these stark juxtapositions pretty frequently – I’ll try to take more pictures…

On Fighting Ice

This winter has confirmed my belief that a greenhouse may well be the single most important piece of farm infrastructure. The picture posted is a low-hoop over spinach and beets, which was quickly and irreparably destroyed by the recent snow storm. As you probably know, this last December was the coldest on record. This in spite of the near 60-degree whether with which the month began and ended. I’ve attempted these low-hoops on several occasions, often with great results, but they simply won’t stand up to the snow. I’ve got some ideas for a more structurally sound design, but I really don’t think the low-hoop design is ideal. I get confused in a garden under cover. And something about the plastic veil seems to detract from the natural elegance of a garden.

My friend Mike and I have come up with a pretty neat movable hoophouse design, borrowing much from Elliot Coleman. I’ll likely build one at some point this year, but in the meantime I’m pretty much forced to take a much needed break. A break, that is, until I need to start seeds for transplant. And that time is basically as soon as possible. I’ll post pictures of the little greenhouse we built as soon as we move it to the garden.