Monthly Archives: July 2010


Well, we’ve got a solid week under our belts and the Bickett Market is rolling right along. I’ve attached some pictures of the opening night, for those of you who didn’t come. The last week has been brutally busy and hot, but equally exciting. I’ve always wanted to create viable, permanent markets for sustainable agriculture rather than putting all of my energy and productivity into Saturday market’s. I don’t mean to bash markets, but there is this “event”, novel feel that seems to stand in the way of the scaling of sustainable agriculture. Until real food is available full time, and not sequestered in a “health foods” corner, we will fail to make a real impact on our food economy.

Hana and I have been talking a long time about a market-style cafe, in which truly local food is available for purchase at all times. Bickett is certainly the closest we’ve seen, and we’re honored to be a part of it. Our goal of growing food for this community is completely enveloped by the broader, perhaps loftier goal of changing the way we, you, think and act about food. I’ve often found myself losing sight of that broader goal, and each time I realize I couldn’t be doing what I’m doing without it. The work is too hard, too long, too undervalued…

Bickett has shown us very quickly that Raleigh does have an appetite for this. Unfortunately, regulations and ordinances will probably prevent Bickett from growing to full potential. Hana and I are thinking hard about options, alternative or additional, for creating the type of space we’d truly like to see.

As far as Bickett goes, we’ve taken on sole responsibility for the produce. We managed to pry our good friend Jackson from the kitchen of Provence in Carrboro to lead the culinary adventures in the store. The experience of building the produce market has been truly rewarding. In no time we’ve created a market for local growers. Ben’s Produce, Farm Front Gardens, and New Grass, all young Wake County growers, have benefited greatly from the additional outlet. Redbud Farm, Maple Spring Gardens, Eco Farm, Cane Creek Farm, and Roberson Creek farm have provided beautiful produce, all from within the triangle area. And for a few select items, including cabbage, green beans, and onions, we’ve looked to Watauga River Farm in Western, NC.

That’s all for now. Come by the store this coming week for some great new products. One of us is usually there from 11-12ish and from 6-7:30ish everyday.