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Wake County Agriculture

Hana and I attended the Wake County Farmland Protection and Local Foods Enhancement Plant (man that’s a mouthful) meeting this past Monday. We were heartened just to learn of such an initiative here in Wake County, where agriculture is seemingly viewed as an anachronism not worthy of consideration, let alone tax-dollar support.

Wake County hired Tony Kleese, a well known and respected proponent of sustainable agriculture and development. We have seen Tony speak at different agriculture conferences, and Hana even visited one of his project developments a few years back. The meeting went pretty well, and we got to meet with quite a few government employees who are fighting the good fight.

Throughout the course of the meeting I realized that the state of agriculture in this county is truly in crisis. Further, there is a hardly a new wave of farmers to fight for increased protection, support, and awareness. Thankfully someone at the county level decided this was an issue worthy of consideration, and Hana and I will be meeting with various County employees to contribute in any way we can to a progressive food / agriculture plan.

There are a number of important meetings coming up in the next few weeks that we encourage you all to attend. In spite of the outrageous land prices, ever-increasing development pressure, and rapid disappearance of farmland in this county, we’re trying in earnest to stick around and represent sustainable agriculture in the state’s capital. Monday’s meeting enlightened me to the fact that we are probably closer to the center of Raleigh, Wake County, and North Carolina’s governments than any other individual or group self-identifying as farmers.We’ll keep doing what we can to make sustainable agriculture a reality, and talking to as many folks as we can to increase support for all farmers in the area.

I’ll send out more information regarding the upcoming meetings soon.



All photos were taken by Jonathon Botta of Bickett Market.