Sunny Monday

Finally we’re set to get a break in the rain today. The weather station is predicting mostly sun for the week – cool but sunny. We’re shuffling our plants outside this morning with hopes that some direct light will cure them of their legginess. We’ve had some difficulty wrapping our heads around our various garden spots in any manageable way, but a renewed effort at space-planning is getting us back on track. In spite of the cold we are determined to have produce earrrrly, which may require the purchase of some seedlings from someone with a greenhouse….man I wish we had a greenhouse.

The lack of land – one nice, big, sunny spot, preferably a short walk from our door – is, at least, helping us get a sense of what is possible and what is ideal. I’ve always been a fan of low overhead and, to some extent, decentralization of operations. I like that we are occupying and utilizing spaces which otherwise would be (relatively) unused. I’m glad to be helping people realize the growing potential in their own yards. I’m grateful for the extra time spent with our families as we work in their yards. As for being in the city (as opposed to some beautiful rural landscape), that has its perks, too. The resources available to us are astounding. Everything is so close and we can work to make the city a more desirable place (for us, at least) to live.

I’ve been reading a bit about urban agriculture since the move, if only to remind myself why I’m here. There does seem to be a decided shift in our population back towards urban centers. That trend is rather difficult for me to comprehend, as my lifetime has been defined by the suburbanization of this country. Yet, I agree. It does make sense to urbanize to some extent. And it makes sense to incorporate the resources required to sustain ourselves into the new urban landscape.

– M


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