Monthly Archives: January 2010


So we’ve gotten quite a few responses to our original communication offering the use of yards and gardens. We really appreciate the support and we’re looking forward to exploring the various yards you’ve offered to us. We’d like to take a minute to spell out exactly what it is we are looking for, what we are offering, etc.

Foremost we want to grow food. We’re currently using 3 different locations actively, and we have definite plans to start cultivating a fourth once the weather permits. .  We intend to use these four locations as our primary growing sites for our for-sale produce.

The second configuration, which we’re also very excited about, is helping people start their own gardens. We’ve started on our first “edible landscaping” project at a home in Five Points, and another towards Apex. We’re eager to find other landscaping gigs to incorporate sustainable agriculture practices into everyday landscapes.

Stay in touch! We’ll do our best to keep the blog updated.


Early Bird

Well, in our excitement and anxiety about this growing season we’ve started as much produce as possible wayyyy before the frost date. We constructed hoops of PVC and rebar and covered them with contractor’s plastic to keep the ground (and plants) as warm as possible. The pictures below are of our “square foot” garden bed, borrowing Mel Bartholomew’s now-famous idea. It’s been a great way to achieve extreme diversity in a small space, and it looks awesome too. This would be an excellent system for the home-gardener with space and time constraints.

This is just one of our many beds, but it’s a great example of what’s to come!